Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Don’t be left scratching your head in front of the computer with a question burning inside your head.

Our FAQs should help to answer most of your questions.
If you’re still unsure of anything, do not hesitate to email us & we will help you out.


General Questions


“What ages does InterSoccer coach?”

Between 3-13 years old, boys & girls of all abilities.

Please see for all our courses.

However, InterSoccer also does School Coaching where we coach fun & competitive soccer at schools up to the age of 18.


“What will a child take from an InterSoccer course?”

Every player who attends a Soccer Schools course will have a positive, unique & fun experience. Children will have the opportunity to improve their skills in a safe & healthy environment and make new friends. The importance of fair play & sportsmanship will also be stressed.

Please see the course overview & relevant sections for more info.


“What type of children attend an InterSoccer course?”

Boys & Girls of all abilities, ranging from those who are complete beginners, those who play recreational soccer & those who play for school & local clubs. Where possible on each course children are split into age & ability groups to maximize the learning potential of each individual.

We have Academy Camps in the summer to cater for the 10-13 years age group.


“Will my child’s performance on the pitch be improved?”

Our qualified coaching staff will pass on the very best of their experience to the children on the course helping improve the skills levels in all children.

Coaching aids used depending on the type, of course, will include: Mini Soccer arenas with appropriate sized goals, Passing Gates, Dribbling Aids, etc. InterSoccer also has different coaching topics each week for improving the skills & techniques of children.


“My child is attending on their own – will they be OK & looked after?”

Yes, many children attend without friends or family.

The individual children will be placed in an appropriate group with children of similar age & ability. Children on our courses always make friends & our coaches are encouraged to help with child interaction.


“My child has never played soccer. Will they fit into the group?”

InterSoccer caters to everyone including all levels of ability whether 3 or 13 years old & makes the courses a huge amount of fun.

There are always newcomers to soccer who start with us for the first time & therefore will be allocated to a group of the same/similar ability, ideally within their age group. Our coaches always do their best to help a new child fit in.


“Once my child has been dropped off for the course do I need to stay?”

For all InterSoccer courses once the child is dropped off it is not necessary to stay at the pitch.

However, please make sure the coach has all your phone contact details. You will need to return to the pitch at the designated finish time for the collection of your child. If your child is attending a TOT Soccer Course it is obligatory that a parent or guardian stays & preferably participates throughout the 45-minute session.


“My child plays to a good competitive level – will they be catered for on an InterSoccer course?”

We strive to cater to all abilities, our coaches are trained to get the best out of the children including those at the top of the group.

At the Summer Camps, we have introduced Academy Camps as part of the week for 10-13-year-olds to encourage the development of the top players.


“My child is four years old. However, he/she plays football at a good level. Would it be possible to register him/her for a full-day camp/after-school course instead?”

Please contact the InterSoccer office to discuss your options.

In our experience, a four-year-old child is too young for a full day camp. However, you could register for a full-day camp on a day-to-day basis, instead of for a full week, and have a word with the coach to see what they suggest.


“Does my child need insurance coverage?”

All children should be covered by their own health & accident insurance.


“I have more than one child, is it possible to receive a discount?”

Siblings discounts are available for Courses & Camps.

Discounts for courses and camps are also available in relation to a child attending more than one course/camp or to help families.


“Can my child be with their friend or brother/sister?”

This depends on the age difference, however, when possible we will always try to accommodate so the children have the best time possible.

We often find that a younger child is already of a higher standard than average if they had a brother or sister to practice with. Please send an email in advance to InterSoccer Office to discuss.


“The courses are done in what language?”

Courses are done in English backed up by the local language when necessary.

In the Swiss-French/German section, we always look to place coaches with a knowledge of French/German when possible. We have found through experience that not understanding English does not affect the enjoyment of the participant as many children on the courses are bi-lingual & help each other, plus the coaching can also be understood visually.


“Can we join the course late?”

Yes, if it is an After School, Mini Soccer Course or Weekend Soccer as well as some Holiday Camps which can now be booked daily.

All courses should be booked online and a prorated fee will be automatically calculated in the platform after the 2d course onward. If not, email InterSoccer Office & a price will be set for the remainder of the course plus payment method.

Please remember it is considerably cheaper per course paying via Book Online.


“I would like an InterSoccer course in my region, is this possible?”

We have started certain courses through requests from parents.

If you are interested in InterSoccer starting a course in your region please email InterSoccer Office with details in relation to your region, if you know of potential facilities and if you know of other families who would be interested.


“Will my child receive an InterSoccer gift?”

Each child attending at least 3 Days Camp will normally receive a gift for taking part, however, this also depends on each individual camp and season.


“Are there facilities for showering after the courses or camps ?”

No, we usually don’t have use of the showers at the facilities.


After School


“What day should my child attend?”

Each day is for a different age group.

We have overlapped age groups so each age from 4 to 12 years can choose generally between two and sometimes three different days. Please see After School for more information. For children younger than 5 we strongly recommend a child starts with our Mini Soccer courses – it is an excellent intro to the sport.


“What happens if my child cannot attend the designated day for their age at the After School session?”

Please email & there is a good chance they can attend on a more convenient day if this is deemed a practical solution considering the child’s experience.

Each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We do try to be as flexible as possible.


“What will a child learn by attending an After School course?”

Each group will be taught a different topic each week to help develop the participants’ skills & techniques, this will be adapted to each group with further progressions made the older the age group.

Many children start from Mini Soccer & advance up the age groups as they become older improving skill & technique. The importance of fair play & sportsmanship is also stressed.


Mini Soccer


“What ages does Mini Soccer cater for?”

Children can start from 3 years old & can continue until 6 years.


“Who are the Mini Soccer courses designed for?”

The courses are designed for complete beginners & for those younger children with a little more soccer experience.


“What is the main emphasis of the courses?”

To have lots of fun & learn basic soccer skills & techniques.


“When should my child progress to After School courses?”

After School courses are generally for 5 years & upwards so a child can move up when they are 5 although certain courses allow younger children.

Depending on child’s/parents schedules a child can stay with Mini Soccer even after the age of 5.


“Can I stay on the pitch with my child?”

If your child is there for the first time during Mini Soccer you can accompany them to the center of the pitch if necessary where the coach will probably be stationed.

However, after the first time please stay on the edge of the pitch. From past experience we find the children focus more on soccer the further the parents are from the pitch.


“What equipment does my child need for the course?”

We are fairly flexible for children registered for Mini Soccer.

However, when possible children should be in soccer kit, including shorts (or tracksuit bottoms if colder), T-shirts, tracksuit tops, rain jackets. A warm hat & gloves should be provided when colder. All children should have a water bottle with them & please make sure your child goes to the toilet before the start of the course. We recommend shin pads and cleats from 7 years and above.

If warm conditions caps & sun cream are recommended.


“My child doesn’t concentrate for a full session? Is this normal?”

Yes, this is perfectly normal. Your child will learn & extend their concentration level with us over the sessions so please don’t worry if your child is already tired before the end of the session, especially early on in the course.


“What is the Mini Soccer course?”

Mini Soccer courses are designed for complete beginners & for younger children with a little more soccer experience. It’s a great way of starting your child in soccer if you haven’t registered yet.  Mini Soccer ranges from 3 to 6 years.


Girls Soccer Questions


“Are the courses mixed?”

Most courses are mixed which in general is certainly not a problem for Girls 3-13 years & Girls on these courses have a great time. However, we also have created Girls only courses to encourage more girls to play soccer. For more information please see the Girls Soccer section.


“Can we start a Girls’ course in your area?”

We have started numerous courses in certain areas due to requests from parents. If you could get a minimum of 8 girls together in your area & if we can supply a coach then we would love to start a course.

Please email InterSoccer Office if you can help out.


Saturday & Sunday Soccer


“What is Saturday & Sunday Soccer?”

There are 3 distinct age groups at most Weekend Soccer. Most courses have Mini Soccer 3-4yrs which is all about having fun & to help with coordination, Fun Footy courses are for 5-7-year-olds & help children to improve their skills & techniques, play fun games & small-sided matches which help them have a better grasp of football for the future. For children 8-12 years old there is the Soccer League where all participants will be split into teams & take part in a weekly league playing small-sided football matches. See Saturday Soccer for more details. We also have great All Girls courses for Weekend Soccer aimed for ages 5-12 years at certain venues.


“What ability level does my child have to be?”

All abilities are welcome for all courses.


“What is the difference between Weekend Soccer & After School Courses?”

Courses during the week are normally for 1 hr & Weekend Soccer in most cases lasts for 90 minutes. After School Courses are generally based on a different coaching topic each week to help improve skills & technique followed by a small-sided game. At Weekend Soccer it is generally about playing lots of small-sided matches. Normally there are special deals each term where if you do a 1-week day course and 1-weekend course you will receive a considerable discount. Please contact for more info.


“Can I pay per session?”

No, you must pay for the whole course. If you miss the start of the course you can still join at any time if places remain and will be charged a pro-rata rate from when joined for most of the courses.


“How are the teams allocated?”

There will generally be 2-3 sessions of trials to help InterSoccer judge the ability of each child. Participants will then be allocated to relatively balanced teams. All who attend will be admitted into the League unless there is a serious health issue to be considered.


“How do I sign up for the courses?”

Please go to Book Online & register for the next available course. If Book Online is closed it is still possible to register pitch-side or via the office.


“What if my child can only make some of the courses?”

For the smooth running of Fun Footy & Soccer League, it helps immensely if your child can participate in most weekends. This encourages team loyalty, helps build a good team ambiance, and aids in developing friendships as well as improving their football skills.


“Do parents have to stay at the pitch-side?”

No, as with all the Courses & Camps, parents can leave the pitch. However, parents are more than welcome to watch & cheer on the teams in a friendly & constructive manner.




“What constitutes an InterSoccer Tournament?”

Tournaments are one-off fun days with small-sided matches offering slightly more competition for children playing in teams. All abilities are welcome & the days/half days are great fun.


Trial Sessions


“Can my child do a trial session?”

You can visit and try the course (except holiday camps) for free. However, once you have tried one session you should then register via our Book Online. If you continue you will be charged from that course onwards including that session. There is no charge if you do not continue, as long as it is the first trial session.


“Do I need to book online if I wish to do a trial for a course?

No online booking is required for a trial. You can go to the pitch and notify the coach that you wish to do a trial for that course, but it is best to send a mail to first.


Holiday Camps (Easter/Summer/Autumn /Winter)


“What will the children learn from doing a Soccer Camp?”

Children will have huge fun whatever their age group and will enjoy stimulating & challenging sessions depending on their ability & age. They will also learn more & improve their skills & techniques, increase their knowledge on Rules & Regulations, plus Fair Play & Sportsmanship. We have also witnessed these camps help improve children’s confidence & help them make many new friends.


“Do camps mean that the children stay overnight?”

InterSoccer organizes day camps only. The camps end at 12:30 or 17:00, depending on whether it’s a full day or a minicamp. You can pick them up right after it finishes.


“How does a Day Camp differ from a Summer Camp?”

Very little except Summer Camps you can join for 5 days as well as 1 day. Day Camps are normally only possible to book per day – you can also do the whole week. Camps also generally run to 17:00. Please check the venue page for details. As with Full Week Camps, Day Camps still offer a great fun day with lots of skills/techniques taught plus matches and mini-tournaments. In Summer Camps there is normally gift/prizes available depending on how long you have booked.


“Which regions do your Summer Camps take place?”

Most main cities in Switzerland are now covered by InterSoccer in relation not just to Summer Camps but also Autumn and Easter Camps. For all info please visit a breakdown of all our soccer camps.


“Do children need pocket money for the day?”

No pocket money will be necessary as a snack & drink for the day should be provided by the parent. Participants will be based at the facility for the full day.  However, children participating in our Camps normally receive a hot lunch each day of the week at Camp although this depends on the venue. Please check your Venue’s Camp page.


“In which regions is lunch provided?”

The lunches are provided normally in all regions, if not specified otherwise on the camp info. Please note that lunches are provided only for the full-day camps and not for the mini camps. 


“I wish to register my two children for a camp. One for a mini and the other for a full day, but both in the same region. Does the discount still apply?”

Yes. The discounts are calculated automatically in the booking platform, before checkout. In case a discount does not get applied, we advise you to proceed with the booking and then mail us at to receive a refund. Please note that the discount does not apply if you are registering on a day-to-day basis.


“At what age can children participate?”

All-day Camps are for children aged 5 to 13. We also have Mini Camps which are morning-only camps and start at 10:00 and finish at 12:30 – these camps are for 3-5-year-olds. Parents have the choice of registering their 5-year-old for morning only or full day.


“Do you recommend that a 5-year-old does a full day or morning only Camp?”

From past experience, 5 year-olds can do the all-day especially if they have done an After School or Mini Soccer course or have played football regularly before. However, although not obligatory those with no soccer experience may want to try the Mini Camp to start. It is possible to upgrade to the full day after the first morning once the difference in camp price has been paid, but do contact the office at for any changes/upgrades. No cash payments are possible at the pitch.


“What are Academy Camps?”

Academy Camps were designed especially for 10-13-year-olds at the Summer Camps, offering 5 days of more challenging soccer tuition taught by InterSoccer’s most experienced coaches. All abilities are catered for & participants will be allocated to their ability level. Participants will come from a recreational soccer background or played at school or local club level. At some Academy Camps, 14-year-olds have also taken part, especially if there are a few in this age group.


“What are Junior Camps?”

5 day Junior Camps were designed especially for 5-9-year-olds with children allocated to their relevant age & ability groups so each child will prosper from having fun in their particular age group.  With the 8-9 years age group, there is a combination of fun & challenging coaching through InterSoccer’s experienced staff which will help their progression for future Academy Camps.


“Can my child be advanced into the Academy Group?”

Generally, all children below the age of 10 should be in the Junior Camps where they will be with children of similar age & ability & will be challenged accordingly. The Academy Camps were designed to provide the right challenges in order to stimulate the older children as we discovered that mixing with younger children for this age group had a negative impact. With the Academy brand, we are trying to create a system where the younger children will aspire to join the Academy Camps & therefore play soccer until an older age.


“Can my child do only 2 or 3 days of the Camp?”

Yes, a child can do 1-5 days in total, the camps are very flexible to work in with parents’ schedules.


“How long is each individual Full Day Camp?”

Each camp is from 10:00-17:00 although please do check the schedule for your area as some venues can change.


“At what time can I drop my child/children off?”

It is possible to drop children off from 08:30 for the full-day campers and from 09:20 for the half-day campers, where the coach(es) will be on duty (check venue/season).


“At what time does the end-of-week ceremony for camps usually take place?”

The ceremony is usually at 16:30 on Friday (12:00 for Mini Camps). However, we do suggest to come early due to the high demand for parking places. You are welcome to come before the ceremony to watch children playing matches and take pictures.


“Can I leave my children to be picked up after 18:00?”

You need to pick your child up as soon as the Camps are finished at 17:00 (check venue). Late pick-up at 18:00 is possible only if requested to and additional payment is required. It is not InterSoccer’s responsibility for the children after the end of camp. If you cannot be there on time please arrange for someone to pick your child up. If this is not possible then unfortunately you should not register your child.


“How is a typical day/week structured?”

Our key aim is to make sure participants have a great time, whatever their ability. There is a great mix of activities each day to stimulate all ages & abilities. Children are split into age & ability groups & put through fun & instructive coaching sessions each day to aid the child’s progression. There will be a number of mini-matches & tournaments with the days designed not to be too intense but fun & challenging with plenty of breaks for drink & food throughout the day. Medals, prizes & gifts are presented at the end of the Summer Camps.


“What breaks do the children get?”

Children have regular breaks during the day, more if the weather is very hot. Each child should bring a refillable drinks bottle to camp so they can re-hydrate during breaks. It is always good for children to have something light for a mid-morning snack.


“How many coaches are there per group?”

Depending on numbers & age, each main coach can coach approximately 18 children. However, we also employ a number of Junior Coaches which increases the group size potential. Usually, the coach per child ratio is much smaller than these figures mentioned especially for younger children which can be 1 coach to 8 children depending on the level of coach.


“Do I need to provide snacks/lunch?”

Yes, this is very important. Mid-morning children will take a small snack. Therefore a snack should be provided. Please take into account the hot weather when assembling this. Please make sure the child also has a large refillable drinks bottle. At some camps hot lunches are provided, at others, you need to pack a lunch. However, please check the camp page to ensure this.


“What type of food/drink do I need to pack for the day?”

Isotonic drinks (Gatorade, Isotar, Powerade, etc) are good for replenishing energy, if not then soft drinks & water. Fizzy drinks should not be provided. Please make sure you pack plenty, it’s a long day – small sandwiches, salads, fruits, etc are all good for snack breaks. Please avoid packing chocolate due to warm weather.


“Do you have any specialist camps?”

Coaches from professional clubs generally in England are normally flown over each summer to take part in certain camps, especially for the Academy Camp Age Group & for the Girls Camps. We have Goalkeeping Camps in most regions for those children interested in learning more about Goalkeeping. Please regularly check our website for the latest news.


“What gifts will my child receive for attending a 5 Day Summer Camp?”

Each child receives an InterSoccer gift for attending the 5-day camp plus a certificate & medal.


“Are there any specific courses for Goalkeepers?”

Sometimes, we have both courses & camps for Goalkeepers that explore basic techniques & fundamental skills of this fantastic art. Please keep checking the website for the latest courses/camps.


“Can I watch my child during the session/matches at the holiday course?”

The safety & well-being of all children on our courses is of paramount importance to us. We, therefore, restrict visitor access to the pitch where we feel necessary & is at the discretion of the coaches. We feel this will allow the children to settle into the camp lifestyle & concentrate on the soccer camp without being disturbed. If parents do want to watch there is plenty of space outside the pitch to observe. During the Summer holidays on Friday afternoons before medal ceremonies, parents can take a closer look as normally weather permitting there will be an afternoon tournament. Parents should though stay on the outside of the main pitch.


“How do I book a place on the course?”

Please visit Book Online to register.


“How do you allocate children to groups?”

See questions in this FAQ under the general section.


“My child is 6 & above – can they do a Mini Camp?”

It is possible, but please send us a mail first. But we have seen from years of experience that a 6-year-old is very capable of lasting a full day. We want to keep the Mini Camps for children aged 3-5 so they get the most out of the camp & learn within their ages so they are not intimidated.


“What Multi-Sports do we offer?”

It varies at each camp depending on numbers, abilities, venue but generally, from time to time there are Multi Sports with a football emphasis ie. Foot Cricket, Foot Tennis, Softball/Foot rounders, Handball, Dodgeball, etc.


“Will my child be able to last all day?”

From years of experience, we have seen that from the age of 5 a child has the full potential to last all day. We take many breaks allowing for recovery from the heat as well as conserving energy. We take multiple snacks & water breaks throughout the camp.


“What happens if we miss a day?”

Unfortunately, if you miss a day refunds are not be available but please check the Terms & Conditions.


“Do I need to do all of the days?”

No, all Holiday Camps offer great flexibility to participants & families, you can register for 1-5 days.


“When does book Online close and can I pay pitch-side?”

Book Online is generally open continuously, but we advise you to book sooner than later, especially for camps, so we do not find difficulties with the hot lunches order. If you register on the day at the pitch-side with a coach, a slightly higher price is applied.


School Coaching


“Who is School Coaching for?”

InterSoccer has coached at many schools including Nations, St Georges, International School of Lausanne, Int School of Zug, Inter-Community School of Zurich. We have started certain courses through requests from schools & even parents. We have coached fun football as well as competitive teams. If you’re interested in InterSoccer starting a course in your region at your school or a nearby facility please email the InterSoccer office with details in relation to your region.


“What age groups can you teach?”

We have taught children from 3-18 years at school of all abilities Boys & Girls.




“What equipment does my child need to bring?”

For holiday courses children should bring a football kit, including a training top, football boots or trainers, waterproof, shin pads, cap & sun cream, plus a drinks bottle that can be re-filled. A change of kit in the case of bad weather is always good! For After School / Mini Soccer coaching similar equipment should be provided although in autumn plenty of warm clothing including winter hat/gloves should be supplied.


Reservations & Payment Questions


“Are there places left on the course?”

After visiting Book Online, if the course is still indicated then it is still available for booking. If it is no longer there it means it is sold out or Book Online has closed. Any questions about not finding a course please email the InterSoccer Office.


“How do I reserve a place on the course?”

Please go to BOOK ONLINE NOW & follow the instructions on how to register.


 “I am having problems using the Book Online, what should I do?”

Please make sure you have followed instructions & entered your correct details. If there seems to be a problem with the Book Online site due to possible maintenance work etc then please re-visit later. If you are still having problems please email InterSoccer office.


“We are unable to book online. Would it be possible to come to the office directly to register my child?”

Please call or email the InterSoccer office if there is a problem with the Book Online system.


“I have forgotten my user name/password, what should I do?”

Please always keep these very safe so you can use them in the future. On the Book Online section, you can click on a link if you have forgotten your password & this will be resent to you. You must remember your email address. If you have forgotten your email as well then please send an email to InterSoccer Office stating the family name you used the system for initially.


“I do not have VISA or MASTERCARD, how can I pay?”

You can pay pitch-side if places remain. However, the price is more than when booking online. Please fill in the registration form which a coach should provide. Then we will follow up with a mail, so you proceed to a bank transfer. Please pay immediately and send proof of payment to the InterSoccer office.


“Can I pay per lesson?”

This is not possible. For all courses, you must pay for the whole course or if you are a very late arrival and Book Online has closed you can be quoted a price for the rest of the course by the coach at the pitch or emailing InterSoccer office. Please remember that booking online is the cheapest option.


“Can I pay pitch-side?”

We encourage all participants to use Book Online as this is the cheapest option & saves money. It also helps us as once registering online your key details will be on the Course Registration sheets, such as the name of the child, age, emergency contact details. Registration online also saves a huge amount of time for coaches when they should be concentrating on coaching. If you do pay pitch-side please be aware you will have to pay the pitch-side price which is more than booking online. You will need to complete a registration form and do a bank transfer (See I do not have Visa or Mastercard question above). Please note an administration fee will be charged.


“Why do I need to fill in a Registration Form?”

This is to ensure any health and safety details as well as, an emergency number/email address in case we need to contact you.


“Can I change my reservation to another week?”

You can change a reservation to another week but please be aware this costs time & money. An administration charge is normally used for changing camps and courses. Please email the InterSoccer office if you want to change course.


“I registered my child online and I did not receive a confirmation email. Is this normal?”

The confirmation emails AND any other information sent from the office may end up in your spam folder. Please get in touch with the InterSoccer office if you have not received a confirmation from the system.


Cancellations / Refunds /Changing Courses / Dates


“If a child cannot attend a course due to illness or injury, will I be guaranteed a refund?”

Whilst registering for the course, all parents will be able to read our Terms and Conditions. With long-term injury & illness, a credit can be given for a future course (once a doctor certificate is provided) which must be used within a given time period. However, as with all businesses, if a child misses the course due to short-term illness no refund or credit can be given.


“If my child misses a day at a course during term time or during holidays can he make this session up?”

Unfortunately, each child needs to stay with the course booked for & cannot swap days if they miss a session. This can cause problems for coaches on other days due to the size of classes, plus there are also health & safety issues. But as we love to help the families, do write to us at  if any make-up session might be possible in your region.


“I would like to change the dates of my reservation, is this possible?”

Yes, this is possible as long as we have written notice by email to the InterSoccer office. This is a time-consuming process so please make sure you are certain of the course you want to book & please be careful you click the right box when making your booking.


“There were not as many boys/girls as expected on the course. Can I receive a refund?”

InterSoccer cannot guarantee what ages/sexes/ability levels will take part in the course. Coaches are reserved normally several weeks in advance, based on approximate numbers. We cannot refund if there are not the desired numbers of a particular sex or age group on a course/camp or a particular age group. However, if worried you can always contact the InterSoccer office before booking to find out the different levels, especially for Summer Camps. For Day Camps, if unsure please just book for one day then you can book for more days after that if all goes well.


Weather Questions


“Will the course/camp be canceled if raining?”

We will endeavor to always go ahead with training sessions although the children’s health & safety always come first. If during camp the weather is particularly severe, the remainder of the day could be canceled. Parents/Guardians will be contacted & will be expected to collect their child. This is very rare though & normally InterSoccer will provide wet weather activities at all facilities to keep the children happy for the length of the booking. Please make sure you have the correct clothing/equipment for children in case of bad weather. If InterSoccer does cancel due to the weather, lost time will be made up during the week, or credit provided when applicable. If the course continues then participants are expected to turn up & stay at the course, rain jackets should always be brought no matter what time of year. The participant can be taken home by the parents at their own discretion – however no credit or refund can be provided.


“What happens if it is very hot?”

The course will still go ahead but there will be additional breaks for drinks when necessary. However, parents are always expected to provide sun cream & caps/hats for their children as an added precaution. Sun cream should be applied by parents before arrival for all-day courses/camps & packed in a bag so children can apply during lunchtime. For courses After School, parents should pack sun cream & hat. Our coaches will remind children during the course regarding applying sun cream, or even help if needed.


Coaches Questions


“What qualifications and checks does your staff have?”

Most of our coaching staff are qualified through the Swiss or English FA. InterSoccer is committed to the safety & welfare of all children attending our courses. On all our courses there is always a member of staff with First Aid qualifications. In addition, there will be a number of helpers to assist with the running of the courses. InterSoccer also runs coach training & development programs to aid coaching & first aid qualifications for our staff.


“How can I become an InterSoccer coach?”

Please go to the ‘Want to coach‘ section on our website.

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