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School Football Coaching

Does your school want to help nurture the pool of soccer talent in your area & provide a dose of fun into the local community with the help of School Football Coaching?

With the expertise of InterSoccer’s top First Aid & Football qualified coaches & the use of your school’s facilities or facilities close to school, we can produce a fun, competitive & stimulating School Football Coaching program at the end or during a school day.

School Football Coaching Courses are aimed for children of ALL abilities aged 3-18 at your school with InterSoccer development fun & challenging programs depending on your needs.

We can assist with the following:

  • Provide a safe & fun sporting environment for kids of all ages
  • Improve the soccer skills and techniques of players of all abilities
  • Introduce fair play & sportsmanship to the students
  • Introduce the importance of teamwork
  • Help improve their confidence & enjoyment in soccer
  • Provide challenges for the players to help stimulate their skills
  • Improve the performance & tactics of the school team
  • Take teams & manage at school tournaments

Please email us for all further details. We would love to hear from you



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