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Are you looking for an exciting and engaging way to keep your children active while having fun? Look no further than InterSoccer Saturday Fun Football Tournaments! These action-packed events are designed for boys and girls aged 6-11 and are held in Geneva and Zurich.


Day/RegionName of venueTimeStart dateFinish dateSessionsAges
Saturday / ZurichSporthalle Hochweid, Kilchberg10:00-12:00Sat 2 DecSat 16 Dec26-10
Saturday / GenevaCollège Sismondi10:00-12:00Sat 25 NovSat 16 Dec46-11

What to Expect

These tournaments occur on Saturday mornings and offer small indoor football matches that cater to children of all skill levels. Tournaments will begin and conclude on the same day meaning booking is very flexible with options to book for 1 session/day or more!

  • Fun and Safe: InterSoccer places a strong emphasis on creating a fun and safe environment for all participants. Your child can enjoy the excitement of football without worrying about their well-being.
  • Practice English with Bilingual Coaches: InterSoccer’s bilingual coaches provide a unique opportunity for your child to improve their English language skills while having a blast on the field.
  • Make Friends: These tournaments are not just about football; they’re also about building friendships. Your child will have the chance to connect with other kids who share their love for the sport.
  • Stay Active: In an age where screen time often dominates, InterSoccer Saturday Football Tournaments offer a refreshing way to keep your child active and engaged.

“My 2 sons have experienced InterSoccer and both loved it! They enjoyed football, the atmosphere and improved their English too! What more can you expect?”

Alban Mayne

With convenient timing and locations in major Swiss cities, there’s no better way to nurture your child’s passion for football. Don’t miss out on this fantastic experience – register your child today for InterSoccer Saturday Football Tournaments and watch them thrive on the pitch!

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