Heat Wave Measures

As summer arrives, we want to inform you about the heat wave measures we’ve taken in our Summer Camps to ensure the safety of our participants. We prioritise the well-being of our young athletes & in light of increasing temperatures, we have implemented the following heat wave measures:

1. Staying Hydrated: Our coaches will prioritise regular water breaks to keep the participants adequately hydrated throughout the training sessions. 

2. Dressing Lightly & Wearing a Cap: Participants will be encouraged to wear light and breathable clothing suitable for warm weather. Additionally, we recommend wearing caps or hats.

3. Planning for Extra Rest Time: To ensure that the participants have sufficient rest & recovery during extreme heat, our coaches will incorporate additional breaks into the training schedule, allowing them to cool down.

4. Cooling Off the Pitches with Water: Our team will regularly cool off the pitches using water to maintain a comfortable playing surface for the participants

5. Protection in Shade during Peak Hours: We have designated shaded areas within the camp premises where participants can take shelter during peak hours when the sun’s intensity is at its highest.

6. Camps in Indoor Venues if Possible

7. Possibly Later Lunch Hours: In order to maximize the morning exercise times when temperatures are generally cooler, we may adjust the lunch hours. 

Our Summer Football Camps are in full swing until August! You can book anywhere from 1-5 days of Camp. Take a look at our planning and book now for a season of Fun, Football and Friends!

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