Girls Football Summer Camps 2024: Fun & Skill Growth

Intersoccer’s Girls Football Summer Camps Programme in Switzerland offers a tailored experience for young football enthusiasts, combining skill enhancement with camaraderie building in a supportive environment.

The day kicks off with early reception, dynamic warm-ups, and skill exercises until midday. After a nutritious lunch, the excitement continues with more games, drills, and matches until late afternoon.

Tailored Experience

Our Girls Football Summer Camps provide a holistic approach to football development, empowering girls of all levels to thrive on the pitch. From beginners to seasoned players, each participant receives personalized attention and coaching to maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game.

Dynamic Schedule

Each day starts with early reception, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Dynamic warm-ups led by experienced coaches prepare the girls for skill-focused exercises and game simulations. By midday, they’ve honed their techniques and built confidence. After a nutritious lunch break, provided by Intersoccer, the excitement continues with more games and drills. Small-sided matches and tournaments in the late afternoon let girls test their skills in a fun, competitive environment.

Nourishing Meals and Flexibility

In addition to providing hot meals to each full-day camp participant, Intersoccer offers Flexible Booking options to accommodate various schedules. Whether you’re looking for a single-day experience or a week-long immersion in football fun, our camps are designed to fit your needs.

Additional Perks

Beyond football skills, Intersoccer camps offer a range of benefits for young girls. Our bilingual coaches create a multicultural environment, encouraging language learning and social interaction among participants. Emphasizing good sportsmanship and fair play, we aim to instill valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the boundaries of the pitch.

RegionJune 24-28July 1-5July 8-12July 15-19July 22-26Aug 5-9Aug 12-16Aug 19-23Aug 26-30
GenevaGrand-Saconnex(+GIRLS)Varembé (+GIRLS)Varembé (+GIRLS)Varembé (+GIRLS)Varembé (+GIRLS)
Geneva 2Vessy (+GIRLS)Vessy (+GIRLS)
Versoix/FounexVersoix (+GIRLS)
Nyon/PranginsNyon (+GIRLS)
Pully/LausannePully (+GIRLS)

Unlock the potential of girls’ football with Intersoccer. Fun, inclusive, and empowering – that’s the InterSoccer way!

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