Girls Only Spring Football Courses 2024!

Ready for more Girls Only Football ? Our Girls Only Spring Football Courses are back in 2024, a vibrant blend of Football excitement and empowering experiences. Tailored exclusively for girls aged 5-12, these courses offer a safe, fun-filled environment where every participant can flourish.

At the core of our commitment are our Bilingual coaches, fluent in English along with either French or German. This linguistic diversity ensures clear communication and a welcoming atmosphere for all. Whether it’s refining dribbling skills or fostering teamwork, our coaches bring expertise and enthusiasm to every session.

Conveniently located in Geneva (Stade de Varembé & CS Chênois), Versoix (Centre Sportif Versoix), Zug (ISZL Walterswil), and Zurich (Inter-Community School Zurich), our facilities provide the perfect backdrop for Spring Football. From well-maintained pitches to modern amenities, each location offers a Safe and Fun environment for Girls to thrive.

With weekend and afterschool options available, our courses accommodate busy schedules without compromising on quality. Whether it’s a weekend or a weekday training session, there’s a program to suit every Girl’s preferences and commitments.

Our Girls Only Spring Courses include:

  • Year-round sessions during the school term, each lasting 1 hour.
  • Weekly coaching themes tailored for young learners.
  • Exciting and age-appropriate activities to enhance motor skills & techniques.
  • A playful introduction to small-sided matches.
  • Emphasis on creating a friendly & secure environment with First Aid qualified Coaches.
  • Courses are generally conducted in English, with most mentors being bilingual in French or German.
  • Enjoy a FREE TRIAL session to let your little girls dive into the joy of our Girls Only Spring Courses firsthand! Let the football excitement begin this spring!

So Girls, join us for another season filled with camaraderie, skill-building, and unforgettable memories. Lace up your boots, gather your friends, and let’s make this Spring one to remember, together on the field!

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