Training Diary #1 – FC BARCELONA’S TRAINING at InterSoccer

Hello InterSoccer family!


We would like to update you on last week’s training at InterSoccer. Geneva Head Coach, Jose Ojeda, had his players perform a drill, which Barcelona Head Coach, Quique Sétien, used with Messi and Co. just a couple of weeks ago.


Last week’s topic in Geneva was dribbling. Jose Ojeda made sure his players received state-of-the-art training. In fact, Jose challenged his players to match Messi’s abilities by adapting a dribbling exercise from FC Barcelona to the “Academy” group at the Collège Sismondi Winter Course.




In the video above, you can see Griezmann in action dribbling the ball at speed and completing a sharp 360º turn around a pole while carrying a bib. This warm up exercise is great for players to not only work on their dribbling skills but also to develop critical thinking with the ball at their feet. By adding a second element, in this case holding a bib, players must focus on keeping tight control at speed and forcing them to “connect” with the next player in line by passing the bib to that person.


Exchanging the bib with the next player in line adds difficulty to an otherwise simple exercise. At the end of the Barcelona video, you can see Umtiti failing to connect with Vidal.


When playing at speed, players must be technically sound to be able to think with clarity while carrying the ball and “connect” with teammates. This exercise is great to help InterSoccer players to develop both their physical and mental abilities.


Special mention to our young InterSoccer player Luigi Chichia, who performed this exercise really well!


Jose Ojeda


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