Summer Soccer Courses – More than just Football

InterSoccer offers Summer Soccer Courses for Boys & Girls aged 3 to 12. However, what can these Summer Courses do for your children? Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of Football extend beyond Sports activity to other aspects of life. Therefore, our Summer Courses are more than just Football lessons, they are about developing your kid.

Values, Social Aspects & Life Skills

InterSoccer Coaches are chosen with great care, not only for their Football knowledge but also for their personality. As Aimé Jacquet, winner of the 1998 World Cup as coach of the French national team, said: “Sport is about surpassing yourself. Sport is a school of life”. Therefore, our coaches will make sure to transmit to your children some important values of sport such as:

  • Respect for teammates and coaches,
  • Inclusion of all: girls and boys, of all origins and social classes,
  • Team spirit: sharing, solidarity, mutual aid, unity, fraternity, … many values correspond to team spirit. Thus, during our Summer Courses, your child will learn to surpass himself, to help a friend in difficulty, to support him.

Furthermore, the social aspect is probably the main benefit of Football. The sport brings together people from all backgrounds and social classes with a common goal. Through our Summer Soccer Courses, your child will be able to meet many Boys & Girls of his/her own age and make many new friends. In addition, the international environment of the InterSoccer Courses is probably the best way for a kid to integrate into his or her new country.

Finally, our Summer Soccer Courses will allow your child to acquire useful life skills. In particular, they will help him/her to develop his/her concentration. During the various games and activities of the Courses, children are regularly asked to think about several things at the same time, which strengthens their ability to think. Beyond the sports aspect, the various benefits of our Courses such as respect, inclusion, and teamwork will be beneficial in your kid’s daily life. 

Summer Courses Planning

Intersoccer offers courses for all levels for Boys & Girls aged 3 to 12 yrs old! Courses will take place in the following regions: Geneva, Versoix, Mies, Nyon, Etoy, Lausanne, Basel, Zug, Cham, Zurich.

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