On the Origins of Football

Today we witness how football has established itself as an international competition. Every four years we look forward to the major event in international Football tournament – The FIFA World Cup. Football fans widely discuss their favorite football clubs, the ornament of its emblems, but only few of them know how and where this magic game has started.

We present to your attention a new digital exhibition “Origins: The Pre-Histories of Football” that was launched in December 2021 by the FIFA Museum. If you are interested in how the Football culture was formed, you have a wonderful opportunity to follow different chapters online that get revealed chapter by chapter on .

Those, who think of a family activity, could also pay a visit to the FIFA museum in Zurich. Apart from exhibitions and events, the museum offers kids to learn more about Football through Cartoon Corner, Kids Trail and The Lab (designing your own Football T-shirt). Holiday Offers and Children’s Birthday Parties combine educational workshops, interactive games and fun together. During the weekdays school classes are welcomed too.

The fact that Football has become the subject of scientific research, can only speak of the increasing relevance of this game in Switzerland. It also suggests the utility in education of our children. For instance, in Japan, the ball game Kemari was a means of raising good manners in participants. Each participant had to learn discipline, fair play and the value of teamwork.

As you see, time has changed, but the Football values haven’t. InterSoccer preserves Football history and promotes its values. Our young Football players, as they delve into InterSoccer’s environment, go through enthusiastic challenges, and, most crucially, learn how to deal with losses and disappointments too. Naturally, as they get older, they apply their acquired lessons to real-life situations.

If your child needs interesting and amusing experiences, please, do not wait to register her for InterSoccer Football courses.


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