Girls Summer Football Camps – week 15 Aug in Geneva

InterSoccer is committed to promoting Women’s Football through Girls’ Summer Football Camps. With the Women’s Euro 2022 fast approaching, InterSoccer wants to encourage Girls to join in order to further democratize Women’s Football. The Euro will be a fantastic advertisement for Women’s Football, especially in Switzerland, as the national team has qualified brilliantly and has increasing ambitions in recent years.

At InterSoccer, we want to show that Football includes everyone, regardless of age, nationality, social background and of course gender! That is why we offer Football Camps for Girls Only in Geneva, Versoix, and Zurich (planning below). All our other Camps are mixed and we are delighted to see that Girls’ enrolment is increasing every year!

Football is a fantastic way for Girls to make new Friends while being in a Fun and Fair Play environment. Our qualified and bilingual Coaches ensure that everyone feels well and has Fun! They also make sure that the exercises are adapted to all levels so that everyone has the best possible experience!

Why should you participate in our Girls Summer Football Camps?

Football is a fantastic sport for Girls! It’s much more than just kicking a ball around a pitch; it allows girls to develop in a variety of ways.

1. Empowerment

Football provides a means for girls to feel successful. This is especially true when you have fantastic coaches and support personnel that actively encourage girls. This is a sport that young girls may participate on a level playing field with boys, giving them the confidence to feel equal to them.

2. Better body image

Football instils in girls the belief that their bodies are capable and useful. One of the best things about this game is that it focuses on how strong and powerful girls’ bodies are rather than how they look.

3. Socialization

Being on a Football team gives girls the opportunity to collaborate with other girls in a positive setting. It can be difficult to bring girls together, and cliques are a severe problem for many of them. Football provides a space for girls to interact with one another via physical activity, which is quite powerful. It also allows girls to form positive relationships with boys.

4. Resilience

Girls learn to be resilient when they play Football. Picking one up and dusting one off is a crucial component of this activity since it prepares girls to continue even when they’re down. Coaches encourage girls to do this even if they are having difficulties.

5. Achievement

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, 80 percent of female leaders grew up thinking of themselves as “tomboys.” Playing Football gives females a wide range of coping skills that help them rise above their circumstances and achieve greater success in life. Girls learn to believe in themselves and that they are capable of accomplishing anything. Starting girls in Football at an early age can lead to a lot of success later in life.

6. Positive role models

In the realm of Football, there are a plethora of great female role models. Young girls may see the good and encouraging ways that women can work in the world and achieve success from Olympians to professionals to girls on local high school and college teams.

These are just a handful of the many benefits that Football provides for girls; there are many more! Football is an excellent tool for assisting girls in navigating the world and discovering who they are through a healthy and supportive hobby.

Planning of Girls Summer Football Camps


June 27 – 1 July @ ICS Inter-Community School Zürich (Zumikon) – 10:00-17:00


4 – 8 July – Everton FC Camp @ Stade de Varembé, Trembley pitch (near Nations) – 10:00-17:00

11 – 15 July @ Centre Sportif de Vessy (near Champel) – 10:00-17:00

15 – 19 August @ Stade de Varembé, Trembley pitch (near Nations) – 10:00-17:00


8 – 12 August @ Centre Sportif de Versoix (near Coppet) – 10:00-17:00

Additional Information:

  • It is possible to book from 1 to 5 days.
  • In all our Girls Football Camps hot lunches are provided.
  • Early drop-off from 08:30 onwards and late pick-up at 18:00h are possible to book.

Finally, don’t forget that all our other Camps are mixed and that Girls are more than welcome. You will find the complete planning of Summer Camps here.

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