Autumn Football Courses Planning

The InterSoccer Summer Courses are coming to an end! Did you love them? Then come and enjoy our Autumn Football Courses which will start at the end of August. Football, Fun, Fair-play & Friends will be present!

Studies show that practising an extra-curricular activity allows for exercise, socialisation for making new friends, self-fulfilment and the development of self-confidence. These studies also illustrate that Football is a very good sport to teach fair play and sportsmanship while improving one’s football skills and having fun. So why not enrol your kid on our Great Courses?

Our Courses for Boys & Girls 3-13 years of all abilities are scheduled during the week and are given for the following categories

You can also sign up for the following weekend Courses:

Football Courses take place on weekly basis in Geneva, Etoy, Lausanne, but also Zurich, Basel and Zug. Other venues such as Versoix, Mies & Nyon should be confirmed in the coming days. There are several slots for each region.

Don’t forget that you can still benefit from our Combo offer, Referral option, Free Trial Session and Family Discount.

Here is the planning of our Autumn Football Courses

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