African football school celebrates its second birthday

The Kampala Galaxy Soccer Academy in Uganda is celebrating two years helping some of the world’s poorest children to access sport and education.

Registered NGO the KGSA has been giving free soccer lessons – and even food and shelter – to children aged five to 17 in the Bukoto district of Kampala since June, 2017.

The charity also offers the opportunity to win sports scholarships to school, and 15 children have been able to access education they would otherwise not have been able to afford.

Micklish Serge Moshë, CEO of the KGSA, said: “If they didn’t have Kampala most of the kids would be on the streets. They come from very poor families. Sometimes we even stay with some of the children because they have no place to be.”

Kampala Galaxy Soccer Academy founded by FC Seefeld

The charity was started with the backing of FC Seefeld in Zurich, and in particular the club’s President Marc Caprez. 

The coaches were sponsored to do their training by FC Seefeld and Mr Caprez. KGSA is now a member of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations, and enters teams in local, regional and national competitions – despite difficulties with paying for transport and refereeing.

Like InterSoccer, KGSA runs weekly football lessons on Saturdays and Sundays, and holiday training camps. And like InterSoccer, the academy welcomes children of all abilities.

“We give a chance to every kid,” Mr Moshë explained. “In Uganda, normally to be in an academy, you have to pay some money. At Kampala Galaxy, you don’t have to pay any money, because we know they come from very poor families.”

Scholarships for football players

There are 182 registered players, of which 15 are girls, six qualified coaches, and two administrators.

Mr Moshë added: “They’ve made big progress. Some kids when they came they couldn’t even control the ball. Today if you look at them, their skills are so incredible. 

“Everywhere we go they know us for our tick-tack football. The kids are really developing, they are happy together no matter the hardship, and the progress is really wonderful.”

The children without scholarships cannot afford to go to school. 

“Our work is to get them from the streets, we get something for them to eat,” Mr Moshë explained. “They are happy, we bring them to training. Sometimes after training they go home where they have no food, they are hungry, the next day they come to train. So it’s really hard for us. We are working hard to solve every problem around us. If we get support from all over the world, we are thinking about building a home for them.

“In future we want to have a very big team and we would also love to have our own facilities and our own school so our kids can be there together. I think the main problem here is them going to school. Without studying, football alone may not be enough.

Charity fundraising match

FC Seefeld will host a fundraising match for the KGSA on Saturday 17 August. InterSoccer collects donations of second hand kits and boots for children and coaches of KGSA, at all our courses and camps.

Mr Moshë said: “Thank you so much for collecting so many football kits for us, and please continue. The kids here need your support.”

KGSA coaches (left to right): Coach Swaib (goalkeepers), Coach Micklish Maurice (U12), Coach Marvin (U15), Coach Mambo (U17) and Coach Serge (U15 and CEO).

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