5 Reasons for Girls to Play Football

​​It is quite common for everyone to think that Football is a manly sport, therefore reserved for boys. 

However, this is not the case. Every day, more and more girls are attracted to this beautiful sport. It is understandable. In 2021, in Switzerland, the Women’s Association Football won most of its matches and had no loss. This creates a huge enthusiasm for the sport among girls. 

It’s time for female Football players to serve as role models for girls around the world. Here are 5 Reasons why Girls should play Football. 

1- Teamwork, leadership 

Football, like many other sports, can bring players together as a team. This is where their social skills will be needed, feeling that they need to communicate to achieve their goal. 

Naturally, on the field, bonds are formed through teamwork.

It is also a place where leadership skills come to the fore, as it is also a sport that needs people who go after what they want for the team. 

2- Self-confidence 

In these days and age of body stigma, it is important to have an outlet. More and more girls are joining Football teams, to help them feel good about themselves. When girls join the Football team, they tend to be at ease, because most of the time they do not have to worry about the body-shaming stigma, because they always work their bodies. Plus the team environment conditions their mental health, as we will see in the next reason why Girls Should play football. 

3- It prepares their mental health

In the future, girls will meet people, work with them and try to solve problems with them. They will be well prepared, because it is the same as in Football, where they will be in contact with coaches, talking about strategies to win with their teammates. 

4- A better environment 

Girls who play Football tend to diversify their network of friends. In addition to classmates, they also have friends on the field, which is a good thing. This also leads them to learn to diversify their goals, mainly academic, but also in Football, where they can participate in tournaments. 

5- Better physical health

Playing a team sport like Football can be quite physically demanding, but it is also very rewarding. Since playing a sport is mainly based on passion, even if you are too lazy to go to the gym to get in shape when the pitch calls, you can’t resist. And playing Football is estimated to reduce the chances of getting breast cancer by 20% (source: Women’s Sports Foundation Research Report, 2009)

So these were 5 reasons, why girls should play Football and why it is only beneficial for them. At InterSoccer, Girls-Only is a class exclusively reserved for girls, and we also have mixed classes for Girls and Boys. We value guaranteeing that children have fun, play Football, and build their networks of Friends and Fair-play is key to equality in our Courses & Camps. All of these values are also core values of Football and are present throughout these 5 reasons, so Join Us Now!  

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