Football families donate 40 kits to Ugandan Soccer School

“Thank you to InterSoccer families,” says football President

InterSoccer coaches Adegoke Oyewo and Josh Jankowitz hand over donated kits to FC Seefeld President Marc Caprez


Nearly 40 football kits and 16 pairs of football boots are on their way to an African soccer school thanks to the generosity of young players and their parents.

InterSoccer coaches collected six large bags of second-hand kits and boots during Easter Camps and Spring Courses.

The clothing was given to Marc Caprez, President of FC Seefeld, Zurich, who will personally take it to Uganda to give to coaches running the Kampala Galaxy Soccer Academy.

“Thank you to all InterSoccer parents who have donated kits for our Ugandan players,” said Mr Caprez. “It’s hard to imagine how poor this country is. The kids playing at Kampala Galaxy Soccer Academy are from a ghetto called Bukoto. They can’t afford shirts or boots. These kits will make a big difference to them.”

The conditions of the ground mean that the academy players need to update their equipment regularly.

“The training gear is so quickly worn because they play on sandy pitches and so there’s a lot of abrasion on the balls and on the shoes as well,” explained Mr Caprez. “After six months or a year the shoes and the balls are really worn out, so we are more than happy to bring down any donations that are given to us.”

He said that Kampala Galaxy Soccer Academy has a reputation locally and nationally for its level of coaching and tactical playing.

“They are skillful and playful and are known to be a good team so they are invited to a lot of tournaments. Our coaches now have been able to find sports scholarships for eight of the players to private schools. Our players are doing very well. The first player made it into the U15 Ugandan national team so if things progress like this we are more than happy.” 

Josh Jankowitz, InterSoccer’s regional coach for Zurich and Zug, said: “InterSoccer is very happy to support this great cause.”

If you have kits, boots or socks to donate, you can bring them to any InterSoccer Summer Courses or Summer Camps (whether or not you have a child taking part).


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