Covid-19: Internal protection plan for soccer courses, Autumn 2020

InterSoccer is constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is following the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) as well as those of the Swiss Football Association (ASF). The health and well-being of our community is the main priority and we guarantee that we follow all decisions and regulations to the letter.

COVID-19 : The key measures 

  • Keep safe Distance
  • Washing hands regularly
  • Greeting without contact
  • Sneezing, coughing in the elbow
  • Staying at home in case of symptoms
  • Wearing a mask if the distance cannot be respected
  • Call your doctor in case of doubt


In addition to the above rules, no personal waste on the training site must be disposed. Participants must arrive at the sessions in training clothes. Changing on site is prohibited.
Washing and cleaning of training clothes, including shoes, is to be carried out by the participant. Food and drinks are to be brought by the participants and cannot be shared. Spitting is prohibited.

Monitoring the body temperature

InterSoccer invites parents and employees to check their body temperature, respectively that of the children, every day before coming to camp / course.

A temperature of 37.8 C or more is considered a symptom of COVID-19 and results in having to stay at home for 10 days, or at least 48 hours after the symptoms have completely disappeared. InterSoccer reserves the right to carry out temperature checks, if in doubt of the health of a participant.

The groups

In compliance with cantonal directives, the list of participants will be carefully monitored every day. All potential infection chains can be followed.

Children will be divided into several groups. They must not exchange their belongings. Each child will be responsible for his bag and soccer shoes. Coaches are not allowed to assist the children in arranging their belongings.

In addition, children are invited to carry disposable tissues with them, as well as a full water bottle from home to avoid contact with taps or the need of regular refill.

Maximum number of participants in a group is maximum 15, including coaches and participants.

Hand washing

The 1st measure to fight against the spread of viruses is hand washing with soap and water is compulsory for all children and adults arriving at the camp, as well as after returning from a break during the day.

Football training sessions/ courses and camps

The exercises will be established based on the requested spacing criteria so that each player trains at a respectable safety distance; juggling exercises, technique, coordination, various exercises where distances can be monitored. Besides, InterSoccer will follow the evolution of the directives in relation to the situation and will constantly update all the measures accordingly.

Finally, parents Are not allowed to stay on the pitch (exception for tot soccer is allowed but with masks on for adults)

Masks/ Face Covering

All Adults & Children older than 12 must wear a Mask this Means all Coaches and Parents Must have a mask on throughout the session.

Steve Long, CEO

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