5 Reasons to do Soccer Birthday Parties

Ever thought about making one’s birthday very VERY special? If you know someone with a birthday that is coming up soon, then InterSoccer has got the perfect way to celebrate it.

Treat your children to a fantastic Birthday Party with InterSoccer!

Our great coaches offer genuinely exhilarating and unique Soccer Birthday Parties Celebrations. The tailor-made program is adapted to each demand to ensure a first-class Birthday Party experience!

Still hesitating? Check out our 5 main reasons why the celebration of your Child’s Birthday Party should fall on InterSoccer:

1. Children will get great exercises

Everybody needs exercise to stay healthy and the InterSoccer Football Party is a great way to have a lot of fun while playing games and getting their blood pumping. Running and playing small-sided matches offers many benefits, including increasing blood flow and stimulating immune function.

2. Parents can relax while children go wild!

Parents will have some small chit-chat while their Children enjoy their time playing Football together.

3. Fun for any age

InterSoccer’s Soccer Birthday Parties are aimed at Boys & Girls from 3 to 13 years old.  A customized 2-hour Birthday Celebration involves a fun warm-up session, fun soccer games and the main event, the InterSoccer Match! Parents are welcome to participate and turn into avid supporters of their favourite children’s team on the pitch! So much fun guaranteed!

4. We are flexible with location

We host parties at fantastic indoor/outdoor Football facilities. Do you have a big garden? Our coaches can bring all the equipment to your garden or neighboring park too! 

5. Any child can attend the party!

Pick your team, get them together, and celebrate with our coaches. Children do not necessarily have to be enrolled in football courses, the Birthday Party Program suits ALL little champions of absolutely all levels! A great way to engage all your friends in a game.

Children will feel happy to get united in a Team! Football is an enriching activity in many ways and to organize a birthday celebration around it is a great rewarding decision

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