The benefits of sports – Emotional benefits.

Welcome back to this week’s topic of benefits of sports. We hope you enjoyed our first segment last Friday. This week’s topic links to our previous one.This week’s segement, we’re talking about how sports can affect children’s emotional states and the benefits sports has towards them. 


In team sports, it can be hard for all children to be acknowledged, depending on how many children are there, due to the fact that if there are a lot not all kids will get praised by others, but it doesn’t mean they won’t at all. Maybe a teammate will notice and give a compliment but sometimes a child will notice it themselves and get proud of themselves. Sporting helps build higher self-esteem for those moments of knowing you did good, even if you haven’t been told. It will also help with that sense of accomplishment, knowing you did well and feeling that pride for yourself. 


Body confidence can become an issue as children get older, but it can also be bad at a young age too. Statistically speaking, girls will suffer from body image issues more than boys but that doesn’t mean boys don’t suffer at all. It’s a growing problem, especially once getting to those teenage years and hormones begin and emotions are all a bit crazy, it’s hard for children and young adults to feel comfortable with themselves. Though it’s more of an issue in those adolescent years, sports can help you feel more comfortable with your body image with giving children the self-determination to keeping fit and healthy and also providing that self-acceptance they need. 


This last point connects more with mental health for the fact that it touches on the topic of depression and how sports can reduce the likeliness of it or maybe completely get rid of it. Other things that sports can help with for children is stress. Being able to express their stress and deal with it is a healthy way for children to realise that a lot of their worries aren’t that important sometimes and this can also mean they have less moods swings because, linking back to a past point, it gives them a better headspace and point of view on a situation.


We hope to see you again next week for the next topic of the benefits of sports! 

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