The benefits of Sports – Behavioural Benefits

This week’s final segment looks over the behavioural benefits of sports. 


These benefits are more behavioural and mix more into everyday life, than the others. There are so many aspects to sports that can help benefit your children in everyday life as they grow older., For example teaching them that when losing a game, it’s not the end of the world. There are so many things in the world that are viewed as very competitive, sports included however, when you’re putting your child into a team of some sort, they need that competitive mindset but also need to understand that it’s not a personal matter, and losing is okay sometimes. Sports over the years will teach them how to lose gracefully and respect the opponents hardwork and vice versa. It’s great to win, but they also need to learn to lose, so that when it comes to losing in life they know what they need to work on to obtain that win. There will always be winning and losing in life and neither can be avoided, and it’s important to teach children that from an early age. 


Although a lot of the points made in this article are how sports can also benefit you in school, it also benefits you in life and how you manage, control and respond to situations handed to you. 


It is always important to remember that kids are just as able to develop ‘mental health difficulties. Children are just as likely to struggle with social anxiety and physical issues and it’s even better to get them into the habit of trying to avoid these issues from an early age, all whilst having as much fun as possible.


Overall, we at InterSoccer appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to read each of the segments we release every Friday. We hope you have an amazing rest of your summer and stay active!     


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