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We all know Football as a great sporting activity. It is a complete sport, which promotes the physical development of Children. Regular Matches and Football Courses for Kids help improve cardiac and respiratory capacities.

But how do I introduce Football to my Child for the first time? The key answer is Fun. Children will never be interested in any technical aspects if Football isn’t fun for them. That is why our program offers different activities; we encourage expression and improvisation to create positive experience!

Mini Soccer Courses

Mini Soccer Courses are a great & a Fun introduction to Soccer for Boys & Girls aged 3-6 of all abilities.

The Mini Soccer Team is an exceptional place for youth to meet new Friends and to improve skills & techniques through stimulating coaching topic, Fun games & small-sided matches!

Tailormade Mini Soccer program is prepared by InterSoccer’s International Coaches and helps Children develop their talents & discover new passions.

Weekend Mini Soccer

Weekend Mini Soccer is a great & a Fun introduction to Soccer for Boys & Girls aged 3 – 4 of all abilities.

The training session usually starts with warm up exercises that are essentials in preparation for further activity. In this Course we offer a lot of fun ball games that develop Children’s coordination, movement & basic Football skills.

Watch a great example of our Mini Soccer sessions on our YouTube channel.

We look forward to being on the ball with you!

Further Great Benefits of our Football Courses for Kids:

  • All year-round Training Sessions
  • A friendly & safe environment with First-Aid qualified coaches
  • Bilingual Coaches (English, French or German)
  • Available Referral Options and Family Discounts 
  • A FREE TRIAL session!
  • Our partners are international schools, municipal stadiums and Jeunesse & Sport.

Here are our current venues:

The registrations are open now!

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