Our equipment and material

Here at InterSoccer, we pride ourselves on having the best of everything for your children. Ranging from the equipment we use down to the very last stitch of our footballs, we make sure that everything is the best quality to ensure your child has the best experience.

We employ coaches qualified by UEFA that come from all over the world. Our coaches bring their best to every practice, teaching your kids their knowledge of the sport, different languages and skills for on the pitch and in everyday life.

Our facilities spread across Switzerland from the centre of Geneva, all the way to Zurich. Many of our facilities are catered, some including amazing restaurants for your kids to sit back, relax and enjoy delicious lunches with their friends and the team so it saves you from having to worry about what to pack.

At the beginning of every week, your children are provided with their own InterSoccer football shirt and as previously mentioned, lunches at some of the facilities we use. In the Zurich/Zug area, we do not have catering so packed lunches have to be prepared for your children. All you have to do is make sure they have their own football boots, hat, sunscreen, a water bottle and if needed, a packed lunch

To celebrate the end of each week, children will get their own medal and certificate to showcase their participation, teamwork and skills they’ve built over the past week. In the summer, every Friday, our camps have a ‘Funky Friday’ for your children to dress up however they please and get the chance to do really fun activities. We want to make sure your children have fun, make friends and learn fairplay all within the game of football.

We can’t wait to see you on the pitch!

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