Our 1-Day Camps still available

The InterSoccer team encourages children to become more active and get a lot of exercise to keep fit and healthy. However, we also understand that a whole day of playing football for a whole week can be very hard on some kids, this is why InterSoccer offers 1 day camps! 

1 day camps are great for flexibility, giving you options on what day, or days, you want your child to go without them getting exhausted by the end of the week. It also gives children an opportunity to test out the camp and decide if they’d like to do a whole week or more than one day. 

All participants will get a medal and certificate so even if you send your child off for a day, they will be handed their medal and certificate. If your child wants to get one of our t-shirts, they are only handed out when you do 3-day camps or more. 

If you join on a Monday and you or your child decide to do the full week, you can contact our office and be upgraded free of charge to the 5 day package, depending if we have any spaces left. 


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