Girls Football Camps week 17 August in Versoix

The Girls Football Camps are the perfect chance for young girls, from 5 to 13 years old, of all levels and abilities, to have fun while practising football and improving their skills and techniques. Football is no longer a male sport and by increasing female participation, we support girls not be intimidated to play football on a team of boys or even against them.

Our Girls Football Camps are exclusive for girls and will take place in Geneva and Zurich during this summer holidays. In addition to that, these camps are full-day camps and it is possible to join for either one or more days. It is a fun place for young girls to make new friends and develop not only their physical skills, but also mentally and socially.

Privileged presence of Loick Falcy, Servette FC Girls Coach

Geneva will have the privilege to receive Loick Falcy to coach girls aged from 5 to 12 years, during this summer Girls Football Camps edition.

Loick Falcy is a well-known women’s football coach in Geneva’s football scene. For over 4 years, he has been coaching Servette FC Girls teams. During his long career as young girls football coach, he acquired a solid and vast range of knowledge to develop girl’s playing skills, teach them new techniques and tactics, while helping them to improve their physical condition.

Often, girls are much better listeners than boys and apply much more easily what you ask them.

Loick Falcy

The Girls Football Camps Calendar


Camp starts from 10:00 to 17:00

16 – 20 August @ Centre Sportif de Versoix (near Coppet)

Additional Informations:

• In all our Girls Football Camps a Hot lunch is provided.

• Early drop-off from 08:30 onwards and late pick-up at 18:00h are possible to book.

• 90 chf per week or CHF 25 per single day has to be paid for this service.

I worked on my weaknesses and made them my strengths.

Sydney Leroux

Take your game to the next level during our Football Summer Camps 2021 and join the Girls Football Camp in Geneva & Zurich! 

Please contact our office for any doubt or question and to book the early drop-offs or late pick-ups at


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