5 Reasons to Join Winter Football Courses

Have you already heard about our Football Indoor Winter Courses and wondered about subscribing to one your kid? Apart from a unique experience that your kid should not miss, here are the key reasons why your decision should be a no brainer:

1. Indoor Activity

When it is cold and windy, kids are often not willing to play outside. Do you remember your husband’s face when asked to find the warmest clothes for your little ones and to help them dress up properly for cold biting winter weather? Twenty minutes later the proud daddy exits from his house…and returns in a minute to take gloves for his daughter, goes out…and returns again to take a warmer scarf for his son. Sounds all good now! Time to have a nice stroll! Yet in less than half an hour daddy and his kids appear back in front of their house door. All frozen!

Well, it won’t happen if you enroll your kid at InterSoccer Courses! We offer great indoor facilities in all the regions!

2. Pressure ↓

At school our children are exposed to additional pressure like doing schoolwork in an efficient way, answering the questions correctly, finding good relationships with classmates. School is an institution where all children learn to be disciplined and to follow the rules. Naturally, it expects any kid to ‘produce’ good behaviour, high scores and satisfactory social engagement. Our coaches cannot save kid from difficulties; nonetheless, by can offering your kid simply to play football, they offer the best means of managing stress and anxiety.

3. Health ↑

No doubt, everyone knows how good it is to go for a 30 minutes run instead of being glued to TV screen and as a reward to get a good mood and later on deep sleep. You’ve heard about numerous benefits of running, like weight loss, cardio stimulation or prevention of many chronic diseases. Nonetheless, the fact that running on the overall stimulates the immune system, is worth mentioning again. InterSoccer disposes a great team of dynamic, outstanding and energetic coaches that inspire children to be physically active and to aim further for better achievements!

4. Fraternity & Friends

Because football is a family of team sports, it inevitably creates active communication and connection between team members. In our football teams we witness not only good team performance, but also the awareness of mutual support within the group. Common sense of belonging helps to grow as an individual, team spirit later becomes the ground for building good teamwork skills at work.

5. Fun

We used to think that football is about training, developing endurance and overcoming failures. Our professional coaches underline that football is about having a lot of fun too! Winter Football courses is a great opportunity to delve into international environment, to learn new languages and cultures. We have over 9,000 children coached per year, many of them become true friends.

After all, we need to have connection with activities that bring us joy. Simply to be fulfilled and happy!



“There’s no fear when you’re having fun.” – Will Thomas

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