En Rappelant Buddy Brillantes

Les Parents ont été invités à partager ses mémoires de l’un des Coaches Bien-Aimés/Plus Estimés de InterSoccer.

Buddy Brillantes a été une étoile de l’entraînement qui a enseigné milliers d’enfants au fil des années. Malheureusement il est décédé en juin après une brève maladie.

Buddy a été énormément adoré et admiré par les parents, les enfants, coaches et ses collègues, et il été fameux par son sens de l’humour et amour pour la vie.

Sa femme et énorme amie, Christina, a dit: “Buddy a été une personne vraiment sociable, et facile et rapidement connecté avec les gens de toutes les ages et antécédents. Ils se souvenaient toujours de lui. Il avait une affinité spécial avec les enfants, car il aimait les faire rire, et il se reliait super facilement avec eux. Il a descendu a son niveau, et je pense que ce la c’est la raison pour laquelle ils ont répondu tellement bien – il avait un coeur d’un enfant. It brought him such joy to see them laugh.”

Buddy joined InterSoccer as a coach in 2004 when his daughter Tiffany began coming to summer camps at the age of 12 – despite admitting he had no knowledge of football.

“Buddy knew nothing whatsoever about European football – only American football,” explained Christina. “He got involved with football solely because Tiffany started playing. He was, however, a natural sportsman – he was an excellent skier, tennis player, snooker and pool player, baseball player – he was a Yankees fan – and basketball player.  He loved sports of all kinds – he would always watch sports events on TV and knew what was going on in lots of different sports.”

Tiffany later became a coach for InterSoccer. Her passion for football remains undimmed to this day.  She recently spent 10 months playing football for FC Almassora women’s team, near Valencia, Spain. Christina said: “When Tiffany was born, she became Buddy’s enduring greatest passion, and his biggest achievement.  He was so proud of her. He went to almost every single one of her matches!”

Buddy was originally from the Philippines and came to Switzerland at the age of 16 when his father was posted here as an ambassador.  He graduated from the College du Leman in Versoix in 1969.  He worked in the finance world for 25 years, before reinventing himself as a language teacher teaching both English and French.

Buddy loved to play guitar, especially James Taylor songs, and to dance – Kool and the Gang was one of his favourite bands.  He was also an accomplished cook;  he completed hotel school in Luxembourg and obtained his restaurant licence from Geneva cantonal authorities in 1984.

He is survived by Tiffany, Christina and his brother Sal in Geneva, and by three brothers and four sisters in the US, and extended family in the US and the Philippines.

In lieu of flowers, his family has asked for donations to Terre des Hommes in memory of Hortencio III Buddy Brillantes. The family chose the Swiss-based charity because they work to make children’s lives better around the world.

“I think Buddy will be best remembered for his kindness, laughter and his cheerful and positive approach to life,” added Christina. “As Tiffany said at his funeral, her Dad believed you should never miss an opportunity to make people happy. That was him in a nutshell. I know he’s still around us and watching over us.”

InterSoccer CEO Steve Long said: “Everyone who ever came into contact with Buddy at InterSoccer has happy memories of him. He was a real hit with children and parents. Every year we would have requests for him to teach in specific places.

“Our thoughts are with his family.”

Anyone who would like to share memories of Buddy is invited to post them on the InterSoccer Facebook page, or send a private message to and we will pass them onto his family.

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