Our Fantastic Hot Lunches

Packing meals every day for summer camp can be very different from packing during the school year. It is usually hotter, dryer and heat and exercise can make appetites change.

For this reason, we provide hot lunches for all children enrolled in full-day camps (except Zurich & Zug).

Our menus are carefully chosen to provide young children with a delicate balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fats among other nutrients. These nutrients complement the children’s growth, development and provide them with energy to play football in the warm summer weather.

We understand that children are unique, so we provide a wide range of foods to accommodate dietary requirements and restrictions.

Here are three sample menus:


  • Vegetable Soup
  • Swiss Sausage with mashed potatoes & green beans
  • Banana & a glass of milk


  • Sliced Swiss Pork
  • Creole rice (mixture of rice and vegetables)
  • Sliced fruit


  • Mixed vegetable salad with tomatoes and basilica mozzarella
  • Omelette & risotto with peas and carrots
  • Paris-Brest – made with choux pastry and praline-flavored cream

InterSoccer works in partnership with first-rate meal caterers. All our food is Swiss-grown and meets highest industry standards. We work with different catering services from region to region, so children have the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine.

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