Flexible Booking System

Children can often be scared to engage in a week-long commitment to a sports camp, particularly if they are very young or are new to the sport. Parents can equally have questions about making the commitment to send their children away for an entire week. Moreover, summer schedules can be very busy, and families may not be available for an entire week.

For all these reasons, among others, our InterSoccer Summer Camps can be booked on a single-day basis. This means you can book a camp for your child for one day as opposed to a full week.

This system has several advantages. For example, children and parents can experience a single-day camp to help them decide whether they want to make the commitment for a full week camp.

It gets even better! We offer flexible booking throughout the entire camp week. This means you can book any given camp for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days! This system has several benefits for parents and children. For example, children can have couple days of rest between camp days in order to recover from the physical activity.

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