Early Drop-offs & Late Pick-Ups

Most of our parents have rigorous working hours during the summer, so we understand it may be difficult to accommodate children in busy schedules.

For this reason, we offer early drop-offs and late pick-ups.

Parents are free to drop off their children to camp as early as 08h30 and pick them up as late as 17h00.

During this time, children are under the supervision of our highly qualified coaches.

Upon early drop-offs, children can get to meet their new friends and get to know each other. Coaches have fun activities such as quizzes and mini-games planned to prepare the children for the day to start. Coaches often use this opportunity to familiarize themselves with each child and his/her skill-level and respective needs. This allows the coach to cater the camp exercises to the specific group of children.

At the end of the day, children that stay up to 17h00 can enjoy a relaxing cool-down session. This allows their developing muscles to relax after a long strenuous day. Children can enjoy stretching sessions and fun mini-games with their friends.

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